Dear Saul,

When you live in a country like Ireland, you usually take what you can get when it come to weather. It’s usually rainy, windy, or some other negative adjective ending in ‘y’. Whatever sunshine or heat we can get, we’ll take it. We pray for the days where it get’s warmer.

One thing though:

We prayed too much. Waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much.

At the moment things are a sweltering 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Some people wouldn’t complain. For a guy who’s used to things around the 55 degree mark, I would complain. S’too hot. Most people would complain about fiscal policies, or the sectarianism rampant in our religious diversity, or the something to do with the state of the economy that’s now back in a recession…

Me? I’m wondering why no one’s getting free bags of ice…


It’s funny how the weather seems to rule your train of thought at it’s worst. I could have written about any topic today, anything, something about morals, another short story, but it’s so hot I have nothing else on my mind, something rare for a type of person who get’s distracted so easily.  It doesn’t even have to be something serious, like a hurricane. Even a heatwave will distract the news. They’ll focus entire stories on it.  The weather impacts our daily lives, impacts our work, and distracts us from even the simplest of tasks.

How do we cope? well, given that Ireland barely has these heatwaves for a short amount of time, most people will enjoy, complain that it’s too hot, complain that people were complaining it was too cold earlier and are now complaining it’s too hot, etc. and then move on. But for the next few days, it’ll be all anyone talks, about, it’ll be the first thing we’ll mention in a conversation, and it’ll be the first topic that comes to mind when writing a blog post 😉

Yours, sweltering-ly,