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Dear Saul,

When you live in a country like Ireland, you usually take what you can get when it come to weather. It’s usually rainy, windy, or some other negative adjective ending in ‘y’. Whatever sunshine or heat we can get, we’ll take it. We pray for the days where it get’s warmer.

One thing though:

We prayed too much. Waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much.

At the moment things are a sweltering 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Some people wouldn’t complain. For a guy who’s used to things around the 55 degree mark, I would complain. S’too hot. Most people would complain about fiscal policies, or the sectarianism rampant in our religious diversity, or the something to do with the state of the economy that’s now back in a recession…

Me? I’m wondering why no one’s getting free bags of ice…


It’s funny how the weather seems to rule your train of thought at it’s worst. I could have written about any topic today, anything, something about morals, another short story, but it’s so hot I have nothing else on my mind, something rare for a type of person who get’s distracted so easily.  It doesn’t even have to be something serious, like a hurricane. Even a heatwave will distract the news. They’ll focus entire stories on it.  The weather impacts our daily lives, impacts our work, and distracts us from even the simplest of tasks.

How do we cope? well, given that Ireland barely has these heatwaves for a short amount of time, most people will enjoy, complain that it’s too hot, complain that people were complaining it was too cold earlier and are now complaining it’s too hot, etc. and then move on. But for the next few days, it’ll be all anyone talks, about, it’ll be the first thing we’ll mention in a conversation, and it’ll be the first topic that comes to mind when writing a blog post 😉

Yours, sweltering-ly,




Dear Saul,

I’m in a talky mood today. This may not be funny, but I like the sound of my own… text?

Are you particularly religious?  I’m sure you’ve at least learned something about religion in school, from work, around your community, even if you don’t subscribe to God’s newsletter. It’s hard to avoid it, and though many, many religions don’t practices what they preach, I’m sure the ideals of some of the more peaceful ones would work wonders in this day and age. I’m agnostic (I don’t believe the existence of deities can be proven or dis-proven). I’m not particularly superstitious, but I enjoy walking under ladders to see what happens. I do however, lend some credence to the (mostly eastern) belief of Karma: cause and effect, action and reaction.

Quick religion lesson, so please bear with: what we see as “reincarnation” is known as samsara, which would translate to “continuous flow”, Many Asian and Indian religions, including Buddhism, Taoism, Sikhism and Hinduism all support the belief that our lives follow a cycle of rebirth, which has no beginning or end. All of these religions differ in their teachings of samsara, but it is primarily caused by holding attachment to worldly possessions, and fixating on past events, self and future events, There were various ways to break this cycle and achieve Nirvana, Moksha, liberation, enlightenment, etc., but it all relates to Karma.

Our actions in our current life affects what our next lives will be. In Hinduism, by keeping to the caste system, by ridding yourself of the vices of this word, you are reincarnated higher in the caste, until you reach Moksha, and transcend the cycle of life and death. In Buddhism, by following the eightfold path, you remove attachment to things that are unneeded in your life. By becoming pure of soul, we achieve enlightenment. Nowadays, we see karma merely as “do something nice, something nice will happen to you”

In a nutshell, Karma s pretty underrated as a belief. We see it as a threat to not do wrong, or a train will hit us. Religion sees it as a way towards tranquility and ascendance. I see it as a way of escape.

I’m not a bad guy (I like to think). I don’t have a violent bone in my body. I don’t believe that by hitting someone, I’ll capsize next time I’m on a boat. But I also don’t believe that by hitting people, I’ll be reborn as a low-class citizen. I believe that by not hitting someone, I escape violence. For every action, there is a reaction. By doing good, I have escaped a cycle of harm and suffering. I don’t have to feel particularly religious, or special. By doing good, I break the mold, I stop harm from coming to others.

Essentially, I believe in karma because by doing good things I have brought good to the world. By doing bad, I bring suffering, I keep the cycle going. It’s a silly belief, but it’s mine.

If I had to be reincarnated, I’d love to be reborn as Nick Cage, just to see what it’s like. Would probably drive me mad…

Best Wishes,


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