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Dear Saul,

Hope you had a good Halloween, because November is gonna get busy. Real busy. I ‘moustache’ you a question, (geddit?) ever heard of Movember? Movember is a charity event that takes place throughout the month of November, in which brave men (and possibly women) shave their face on the first day of November, then duke it out to grow the most fabulous hair on their top lip, all in the name of raising funds and awareness for men’s health.  It’s a hilarious event. and it goes towards a good cause.

Obviously, given my teenage gumption and stubbornness, I shaved off my peach fuzz of a beard, and got to work, sitting there, slowly straining until my face went red. I kind of gave up after that, and just sat there looking slightly disappointed in myself for not being able to pop out a luscious comb of hair over my mouth. But, I still have a month to go, so it’s not all bad.

Want to have a go at it yourself? You can sign up via their website. Even if you can’t grow a moustache (You big girl’s blouse), you can support the more manly of the human race in their endeavours to make men’s health a nicer, fuzzier topic.

Don’t feel like growing a moustache? There’s always NaNoWriMo. If you have even the slightest interest in writing, then I’m guessing you have an idea of what NaNoWriMo, or National November Writing Month is.  30 days to write 50,000 word novel alongside tens of thousands others. This one isn’t for anyone else but yourself. If you succeed, it’s a testament to your dedication to the art of literature.

If you should fail…


We don’t mention those who fail…

Actually they do fine.

Seriously. And if you think you can achieve his goal, and forever be entombed in the annals of writing history, sign up on their website, and get cracking.

I’ll leave you with those for now Saul, I have to get my stache goin’.



Day 25, Saturday:Something someone told you about yourself that you’ll never forget (good or bad)

Heh, I guess one thing I probably  won’t forget for a long time coming is when I chatting with friends of mine about asking someone out. The way I suggested prompted  several response (‘Okay, you fucking rock’ being one :)) but there’s one thing said that I found heartwarmiong, something I found pretty hilarious:

‘I’m not going to say “awh”, I need to think of better word, you deserve a better word than “awh”.’

It was just a very cute moment,  and the support it gave me was pretty amazing. So, thanks, friend. you fucking rock 😉



Fond Memories

Dear Saul,

When you get old, you’ll soon realise that your memories of anything below 1o years old start blurring together and turning to dust. That may sound nightmarish, but believe me, you’re shedding nothing but dead weight. You’ll be left with the best memories you can remember, and you’ll forget the crappy ones long before that. The memories of a favourite birthday, of your best childhood friend, those are the memories that will keep, and you’ll be glad you kept them.

An example? I’m 16 in June (Oh no, people on the internet know my age. What else would you like to know, my blood type?). I remember my life pretty well, but some really good times stick out. One of them being sitting at a friends house enjoying the hell out of NHL 2005. It was just one of those games that was fun to mess around in with friends when you’re young, and the soundtrack sticks out so much in my head:


I promise the name of this song is entirely coincidental, I promise. But in any case, any time this song, or any song from NHL 2005 (or Burnout Paradise, a game I love very dearly), I get a nostalgia high. It’s a nice thing to be able to have, something to remind yourself of better times. Some people have music, some a piece of jewellery, some just stick to thoughts of good days.

Try keeping those memories close, they might come in handy at some point. Don’t worry about losing the rest of them. I don’t think you wanna remember crappy school lunches or primary school bullies.



P.S I should probably try to cut down on the amount of times I said ‘memories’ in this post…

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