Oh my God. I actually got up off my lazy arse to write something.

And it was a Casual Fridays post.

This is unheard of to be sure, but yes, it’s the return of Casual Fridays. If I don’t seem to excited, it’s because my exclamation key on my keyboard won’t work. Hmm. I can make a 1, but I can’t make an exclamation. Well, I’m going to sound bored as hell…

Nevertheless, summer is coming, so I’ll have no excuse not to write as much as physically possible here. I might try to make one, but there isn’t any. I checked, trust me. As well as that, I may be featuring works of fiction from dear writing friends of mine, as well as some of my own, for your tortu – amusement. I meant amusement.

Speaking off which, the local drama clubs will be coming together to show off there skills, so if you live in Co. Offaly, Ireland… ah who am I kidding, you’ll all make it, right?


And lastly, considering it’s the summer soon, I should consider looking for a part time job. Maybe something online journalism – based? Any tips where to look for that thing will be much appreciated.

I will write more, I swear. With pictures and everything.