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Dear Saul,

I’m proud to say, when it comes to writing, I know my way around it. I’ve still got a hell of a lot to learn, but I’m optimistic that I can string together a coherent sentence. Maybe I’m not the fastest at typing, but I get it done, and maybe it’s not top notch quality, but it’s entertaining (I hope). But even me with my mastery of… mediocrity… cannot help but sin every once in a while. And I’m afraid it’s a big ‘un. I dun goof every once in a while, and I’m not proud of it.

I never proof-read my work properly. And I mean never.

Before you start lighting your torches and grabbing your pitchforks, let me say that I do not recommend doing what I do. Proof-reading your work is one of the most important skills when it comes to writing and editing your own work. If you don’t proof-read for grammatical errors, typos, and simple mistakes, you make you work come off as just a little bit shit.

Just a little bit.

“But why would *someone* (and I’m not saying who) choose not to proof-read their own work? Surely they practice what they preach.” Well, to answer this, you need to know how much of a lazy git I am. I procrastinate a lot, and I’m afraid of missing deadlines, so everything is usually done in a last minute panic (which is such a good mindset for a writer, I might add…). As such, proof-reading isn’t as high up on the list as “getting the work done, and getting it done well” is. Of course, getting it done well requires me to proof-read my work., but I’m too busy “getting the work done, and getting it done well” to proof-read…

See the paradox I’ve created? I’m trying desperately to climb out of the rut I’ve made for myself, but no luck so far. The simple answer is, I’m lazy, and if I want to fix the issue of me correcting my own work, I first have to fix the issue of me not wanting to do anything except sleep in and play video games. And for a teenager, that is a steep hill to climb, my friend. Why not stay at the base of the hill and eat chocolate, you ask? Well, believe me, as soon as you bring yourself to check your own work, you’ll soon notice the quality of your writing is improving as well, and not just the little things. You may notice huge plot holes you managed to overlook originally. You’ll see scenes and characters that don’t work, and you’ll get a feel for your own style of writing, one that will continue to improve as time goes on.

So surprise surprise, being lazy hasn’t really helped me accomplish anything, or make me better in my craft, and chances are, it won’t work for you either. So get off your backside, put down that controller, and go read your own work. But what can you do to stop yourself from caving in and just being lazy all day?

Well, give yourself an incentive to work, and reward yourself for getting to a certain goal you’ve set. Just try not to overdo things too much:

Also, get a schedule, and stick to it. If you get into a routine, it’s easier to break that habit of  going off to procrastinate. Give yourself a set amount of time to do something, and give yourself some short breaks throughout the day. If you’re finding it difficult to stick to your schedule, start later or just have a shorter amount of time for work, then slowly build it up over time. Don’t just rush into things expecting to break out of your old habits straight away.

Finally, hang a nice “Hang in there, baby” poster on your wall. It’s the single most important thing for breaking out of laziness. Seriously.

Well that’s all I’ve got. Any thoughts on being lazy? Do you have problems proof-reading?

I have to go proof-read this post now. Maybe.

Best wishes,



Dear Saul,

I’m baaaaaaaaaack. Did ya miss me? You can put down the pitchfork and torches now, I know you’re pissed…

I hope. Wouldn’t be much of a homecoming if I didn’t stay long. But yes, even though school sucks the life outta me (I swear, I have a life), I’ve found the time to do a bit of writing. Even though school sucks the life outta me, I managed to plan out a few things. And even though school sucks and will suck the life outta me (I’m a little sore over this), I managed to make a list of things I wanna update you on:

  • I’ve been working alongside some really amazing bloggers and writers, picking up some skills, and hopefully bringing you guys better content. Some of these folks might make the occasional appearance here, and I’ll be updating the friends section so you can go annoy them for me 🙂
  • I completed The President’s Award! I’m really happy to have completed this, and the blog is one of the ways that gave me the drive to finish it. Thanks for the help.
  • I may-or-may not be working on a fully-fledged novel, which is in very early planning. More to follow…
  • I’ve been working on the first few episodes of The Downcast, a new podcast where sit down with a friend and chat about video games while we wait for one to download. The first episode is already up. Quality is, well, crap, but give us credit, it’s passable crap 😉 I’ve also been working alongside other writers, and maybe, in the future, I may have a writing podcast for you to (maybe) enjoy.
  • I have a fun idea for a series of posts, provided I have willing volunteers. I believe it could be called ‘Writing Tennis’. I’ll essentially have a second person, one person writes the opening paragraph to a story, or post, puts on their blog and the other one follows on, either furthering the plot or idea. They post their response, and the first person will follow on from that. Repeat for hilarity. Any volunteers? 😉
  • I have a maths exam Friday. Bugger.
  • Wait that last one wasn’t really interesting.
  • I should probably stop this.
  • Jesus Christ I can’t make lists.
  • What am I doing.
  • Fiachra.
  • Stahp.

So, yeah, that’s, in a slightly broken sense, what I’ve been up to. I have lots of stuff planned for you, and I can’t wait for you to see it all.

Glad to be back,

Best Wishes,


I’ve been blogging for approximately a year and a half, on various platforms and with various people, but I’ve always blogged in a sort of bubble, never really getting to know others around me. I desperately want to change this. Blogging is such a social form of writing, so much more so than journalism or fiction. It requires a vocal community, and I need to be vocal.

So one step I’ve decided to make in making myself more vocal in my writing is promoting you lot, making sure others like me are seen and heard. I want to make you vocal as well. So if you have a blog, or your friends do, or someone you’ve never met has a blog you find great, send it to me. I’ll mention you (or not, if you want) and the blog in one of my my posts. Hopefully this will inspire me to take an active stance in the community here. I look forward to your suggestions 🙂

If you were curious as to why there was no post yesterday, I actually have a valid reason for it this time around, the reason being that I was out for most of the day working on the set of a local short film, Cathy’s Mate

I can’t give away much at this stage, other than it’s a romance film in a similar vein to John Green’s ‘The Fault in Our  Stars’ and that I’m in it (As Cathy’s Mate). But so far it is looking absolutely fantastic, and we have an amazing cast and crew working on the film. Expect great things.

Unless, you know, you’ve been too preoccupied to notice. Like you’ve been too busy at the Steam Summer Sales, or as I call it, Internet Black Friday…

Wait, I just found out about Cyber Monday

Internet Black Friday’s already a thing.


Nevertheless, Steam, an online games service, has now started its Summer sales, which slice prices down to ridiculously good deals, and regularly make wallets and bank accounts scream and run for their lives. I’ve usually found two separate opinions when it comes to the sales, the first being mind numbing, wallet shredding joy:

The second being, well, this:

Whatever the case is, this is your chance to spend any money that’s been burning a hole in your pocket, and buy a million games that you may or may not play. Some amazing titles that The Giant Bomb forums have suggested are Ship Simulator Extremes, Secret of The Magic Crystals and Tunnel Rats.

Enjoy your new games 😉








Dear Saul,

When you live in a country like Ireland, you usually take what you can get when it come to weather. It’s usually rainy, windy, or some other negative adjective ending in ‘y’. Whatever sunshine or heat we can get, we’ll take it. We pray for the days where it get’s warmer.

One thing though:

We prayed too much. Waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much.

At the moment things are a sweltering 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Some people wouldn’t complain. For a guy who’s used to things around the 55 degree mark, I would complain. S’too hot. Most people would complain about fiscal policies, or the sectarianism rampant in our religious diversity, or the something to do with the state of the economy that’s now back in a recession…

Me? I’m wondering why no one’s getting free bags of ice…


It’s funny how the weather seems to rule your train of thought at it’s worst. I could have written about any topic today, anything, something about morals, another short story, but it’s so hot I have nothing else on my mind, something rare for a type of person who get’s distracted so easily.  It doesn’t even have to be something serious, like a hurricane. Even a heatwave will distract the news. They’ll focus entire stories on it.  The weather impacts our daily lives, impacts our work, and distracts us from even the simplest of tasks.

How do we cope? well, given that Ireland barely has these heatwaves for a short amount of time, most people will enjoy, complain that it’s too hot, complain that people were complaining it was too cold earlier and are now complaining it’s too hot, etc. and then move on. But for the next few days, it’ll be all anyone talks, about, it’ll be the first thing we’ll mention in a conversation, and it’ll be the first topic that comes to mind when writing a blog post 😉

Yours, sweltering-ly,


Well, it’s a new record, I made 2 posts, then decided to bugger off again for a week.

Nonononononononoooo, it’s not you, it’s me. Okay, it might be you, but it’s at least, 40% me. At least a fifth.

Sadly, I’ll be out of town for a week, but hopefully I’ll get a chance to upload something, even if it’s merely another old ‘That’s Horror-ble’

Oh, haven’t seen yet? My latest upload was from an old tumblr series I wrote on horror tropes, from zombies to found footage. It’s was pretty good, and I thought I would bring the series, cleaned up and re-written, to here, along with some new ones. Hopefully you guys’ll like it and not castrate me, and call me names, and all that jazz. The first one is about how horror had changed nowadays. Sadly, it hasn’t gone well, but maybe I can’t make things a little funnier as it spirals down the toilet.

Guess you could say I…

took the piss…

Lastly, do you like fame? Do you feel triumphant from crushing other contestants under you heel? Are you, like Charlie Sheen, fond of the concept of ‘winning’? Then do I have the competitions for you!

Several blogger friends of mine have decided to host several contests, and YOU CAN ENTER THEM ALL.

the contests and prizes are various, but I would strongly recommend you enter them, not just for your own personal glory, not just to promote healthy competition and make friends, but to batter each other down so that I can sweep in and claim glory for myself.

And I’m sure you’ll do a fine job too 😉

Catherine Ann’s Art Competition

alessergod’s Fiction-Writing Competition

Have fun, don’t send me the prize or anything…


Day 31, Friday (The Final Day): A vivid memory

My most vivid memory isn’t really a memory, because I’m not even sure it really happened, considering it was so long ago.

In this memory, I’m on a  beach. I used to live near one back in a town called Tramore, playing around sand dunes on sunny days off with the family. But on this particular day, the weather was terrible, grey, cloudy skies, it had rained earlier, but there was no wind. It was… calm.

I had run off a little bit from the rest of my family that day and I remember just standing there on the shore, on my own, just… taking it all in. The salty air, the ominous clouds, the almost grey water. It was more than scenic, it was like something out of a book. I think, looking back, that might’ve been what made me choose to become a writer. Just seeing it made me want to recreate it, to share it.

Maybe I’ll go back there one day, write something by the sea.

Thank you so much for sticking with me during Blog Every Day in May. I’ll be taking a short break to get my bearings, celebrate a birthday, and you can expect me to come back real soon.


Day 27, Monday: A letter to your readers

Dear Readers, from Ireland, America Korea, the Maldives, etc.

I don’t really have a lot to say to you guys, most  of my usual stuff relates to you. I suppose I hardly ever talk to  you directly, but I only really have only one thing to say to ye: Thanks.

I started this blog back in December last year, and though it sounds incredibly cheesy, I really did not expect it to become so widely enjoyed. Over 60 followers, nearing 1000 views,  it may not seem like a lot to you, but it means a hell of a lot to me.

So, thank you, for putting up with me talking to imaginary people and rambling on during the weekends. You guys are awesome.




Day 26, Sunday: Something you read online. Leave a link and discuss, if you’d like.

This is a post by Aaron Dembski-Bowden on raising his son, particularly in regards to religion.

I don’t think there’s a whole lot to discuss, he makes a valid point, and religion has been debated to death, so I won’t go into it.

So go off, read, have a merry old time. I’ll just sit here, twiddling my thumbs.


Day 22, Wednesday: Rant about something. Get up on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel.

You know what I hate?

People who hate your music. Not the type who just go ‘I don’t like your music. It’s not for me’. It’s okay to not like things. It’s the people who blatantly shout in comments sections or right in your face:

‘This country/rap/pop/rock/metal/trance/nu/death/dance/One Direction/Justin Bieber/ ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic music is terrible. My country/rap/pop/rock/metal/trance/nu/death/dance/One Direction/Justin Bieber/ ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic music is sooooo much better.’

Dude, if you’re one of those people who divulges in music snobbery, you suck. You just suck so badly. As comedian Dara O’ Briain put it ‘It’s just sounds for Jesus’ sake. You like those sounds? Oh, they’re the wrong sounds’.

I swear, art should be a little more free. You’re allowed like things other people don’t. You like that one band everyone hates? If people weren’t snobs, no one would care. But they do, so we have to stick with arseholes telling us what we can and can’t listen to.



Okay, rant over.

Day 19, Sunday:Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them

I like too many blogs. faaaaaar too many blogs. Here are just 5 of my favourites:

1): Unlucky for Some

Catherine-Ann has been mentioned here before, and I don’t mind mentioning her again. she’s a supremely talented writer, and is currently hosting an art competition on her blog. Please go and support her.

2): Everything and Anything to Love

Another person mentioned here quite a bit, Brook, like me, is attempting the Blog Every Day in May challenge. A personal friend to me in real life, she’s also hosting a competition to celebrate 1000 views. Feel free to enter and, I dunno, send the prize to me…

3): Derek Landy Blogs Under Duress

Derek Landy is an Irish writer famous for writing the Skulduggery Pleasant series (my favourite series of books ever :)). When he’s not writings about living skeletons and faceless gods, he keeps a blog detailing his writing experiences and his love of Women’s MMA.

4): Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Aaron is another writer, one writing for the science fiction world of Warhammer 40,000, Aaron is responsible for writing one of my all time favourite books, The First Heretic. He talks a lot on his progress writing for Warhammer, as well as his time off and convention appearances.

5): Lasesana

Responsible for a version of The Snowflake Method, a method of writing that has helped me so much in my work, Lasesana has a full 5 minute Spanish course up on her blog, which I’m happy to say I will never be stupid enough to not figure out.  It’s thorough, it’s easy, and it’s very, very good.


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