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This post seems, if anything, to be one giant sell out.  To be fair, it’s the last week of summer before I head back to school, so nothing major has really happened. Did my training for mentoring 1st year students, slept a lot, starred in a local short film…


Yes, I checked, I am actually in a short film. It’s a lovely little movie called Cathy’s Mate, directed by Oisin Beaudalot, and in a similar vein to some of John Green’s work. My performance was… well, I’ll leave that up to you to decide. Please show your support by watching the trailer and liking it on Facebook. I moderate the page, so please, come say hi and tell me how bad a job I’m doing.

Speaking of social media, someone finally set one up. Yes, now you too can join the… fun…  by following me on my Facebook page and Twitter. Because social media is the only way forward 😉

And lastly (the promotions are n early over, bare with me), if you guys haven’t seen it yet, Part 1 of my look at horror sequels is up and running, with more to come. Considering the whole thing adds up to about 3000 words, it seemed sensible to split it up.

And that’s it. Next week, I start my fifth year of secondary school.




Day 11, Saturday: Sell yourself in 10 words or less

In a sentence:

Why choose the read my blog?

Well, why not ?’


Day 5, Sunday: Publicly profess your love and devotion for one of your blogger friends.

I’m lucky to have a ton of talented blogging friends, so this isn’t easy talking about only one. I have an entire page dedicate to talented friends, but I’d like to mention Catherine-Ann Minnock from 2013, unlucky for some as one of my favourite blogs, and a good friend of mine.

Catherine and I met were introduced to each other by Brook at a local Youth Theatre performance back in April, and since there aren’t really any other writers around that we know of, we’ve been close friends since. Her blog is really well written, focusing on school life, cooking and ‘good auld’ Irish teenage problems. She’s incredibly funny and  talented, and though I’ve known her for only a short time, but she really has made an impression on me. I would strongly recommend her work to you.

I’m pretty cool too, by the way. Not that this post is meant to be about me, but, y’know…

All joking aside, she is a wonderful person to talk to. Go be nice,check out her blog and say hi to her. She deserves it.

I am a Man.

A Damn Manly Man, with capital letters and everything. And as a Damn Manly Man there are things that are required from me, such as shaving my chest using shark teeth and a hot glue gun, or toppling an African dictatorship while simultaneously pushing the resistance leader off a cliff, then going off to punch sharks.

That’s what a Man (or a Woman, don’t forget the capital letter) does. That, and work. For free.

So next week I’ll be in the geology labs in University College Dublin on work experience. If you happen to go to this one college in this particular country on a particular week with a particular interest in geology, come say hi! I’ll try to get a post in for you guys, as is my duty as…

…pause for effect…

A Man…

Another thing I must accomplish as my duty is to look baller in Youth Theatre photo’s:


Arms crossed, chest out, this is the pose of someone who eats cacti and spits the needles out at supervillains. That, or a narcissist.

This is the Offaly Youth Theatre, and Thursday night we had our showcase, where we finally had 2 months of practice play out in 1 night. And I guarantee, everyone of those people were as talented and amazing as I was.

Perhaps not as narcissistic. But they were still amazing, and I thank everyone who turned out, those who performed with me, and to our mentors who pretty much drilled us into actors!

And two of those people in the photo have blogs, which I must definitely shamelessly plug, because they are amazing in a totally non-biased way.

The first, by Catherine Ann Minnock, will probably make your stomach rumble. She does some amazing recipes, as well as great opinion pieces.


The second is from a good friend called Brook. Just starting and already becoming a brilliant blogger, you’ll adore her opinion pieces, and her outlook on the world.


And while I’m shamelessly plugging things, you might want some good music to listen while reading, right? Maybe you should meet my cousin Sarah Daly, under the Moniker of Metaphorest. She has some absolutely beautiful pieces of music, and has even worked on the music for a horror film that was kickstarted recently! I would seriously recommend you check her page and the film:



(The film she’s been working on)

Okay, I think you’ve heard enough from me being all nepotistic and narcissistic. I’ll see you guys soon.

Warm Wishes,

-A Man… I mean, Fiachra

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