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Day 13, Monday: Issue a public apology.

As a mini apology, sorry to Brook for not understanding Adobe Products even after using them 😉

Dear School(s),

I’m talking about you. I know you don’t like me doing so, but I’ll make sure not to mention any names.

I’m in transition year now, the mystical ‘fourth year’ of secondary school that many schools choose to skip. But you didn’t, so hear I am, writing a blog because I’m able to due to the relaxation of finishing every project that I’ve been handed. It’s given me some time to think about how the current school system works.

So I’ve decided to make my apology this: I’m sorry for not thinking outside of the box, even though I’m not supposed to, and I’m sorry I can’t help

Yep, even I didn’t fully understand that sentence.

What I mean to say is, although you very bravely put on a smile and tell your students to think autonomously and have a mindful independent thought process (I’ve had a whole discussion with teachers on questioning the ‘system’ in T.Y!), you can’t really allow us to do that, and as students, we kinda already know this. Because right after transition year comes fifth year, start of the senior cycle, and the exam years. If we think autonomously, then we’ll never be able to learn what the book tells us to learn!

I’m being a little harsh, but let’s face it: you are, for all intents and purposes, a business. You have workers who either want to do well and really help, or who just do it for the money. You’ll want good results come exam year because, well, who wouldn’t? It makes your establishment look good. What’s bad for a business however, is that one person who Just refuses to follow the others. Someone who takes the ‘outside the box’ part too far. These are the people who really don’t think exams have any teaching value. They may be so apathetic that they pass with minimal scores, which won’t help your image one bit. The lesson you know have to teach here ‘We say you should think for yourselves, and what they tell you’. Again, bit harsh, but here’s the kicker: It’s not your fault. You are being forced into giving us these exams. You are forced to pull us into this exam mindset that takes over every aspect of our minds for a year and a half. You are forced to watch as we go out into our new careers with this mindset still with us. It’s a rubbish system, but neither of us can do much.

So, from the bottom of my heart, I’m sorry we’ve been forced into this situation by the education system. Sorry I couldn’t do more about it. Sorry you can’t do more about it.



Dear Saul,

Luck, It would appear, is not on my side. I am sick. How sick? Enough to procrastinate writing letters to you. I’m sorry, but My nose is running faster than Usain Bolt on speed.

Still though, people in worse condition than I simply shrug it off and get back to work. I applaud them for it; the ability to feel like crap and delivering an important  ——  at the same time. But I always wondered, when does it sop becoming your problem and start as someone else’s?

Now, I know that most people would rather get on with their lives than to sit at home moping about, but what happpens when you’re so sick you’re way to contagious, and too ill to focus? At that point, it’s time to call it a day. At that point, you’re doing more harm than.

But still people persist? You’d think it was the apocalypse the way people drag themselves to there desks, just to get “one… more… letter!” done.

These are people you can trust to be there when you need them. It’s just sometimes you need them less… not dying.

How sick do you have to be to call it quits?



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