If you don’t count the imaginary man the blog is named after, I run this blog by myself, along with a tumblr, of which I am quite fond of, and a future gaming blog, which is under construction. But who am I?


You can call me Fiachra, or teeth. Most people tend to. My real name sounds like the Irish for teeth, so it stuck. Amateur writer and egotistical comedian. Go on, say hi or sumtin’. I don’t bite.

And who is Saul, you may ask?

man-yelling-side-view-silhouette-hi - Copy 

Saul is the name I give to the creation I made to help in the production of any content I make. A bit of mixed character, his personality changes depending on what I need him for, but usually he’s the calm, middle-aged man, sitting on a chair on the porch, listening intently to what you have to say.

This blog is, for the most part a collection of letters I write to Saul, because I’m a terrible blogger when talking to an empty room 🙂