Day 24, Friday: Your top 3 worst traits

Awwww, only three? 😉 Well, if you were thinking of asking  me out on a date, here are three reasons why you may change you’re mind:

1): Fashionably Late

I’ll admit it, I’m not good with time. Whether it be just bad luck or bad timing, I always seem to be at least 5 minutes late to everything. I wish it weren’t the case, I like going to things. Somehow, however, luck doesn’t seem to be on my side. I suppose it’s due to me living in a small town in the middle of the countryside. Things are just further away, and I fail to account for that. I promise, I will be there, just wait ten minutes, and it’ll be fine.

2): Grudge Match-esque

I’m not a particularly stubborn fellow, and I usually don’t hold grudges. But when I do, you  will know about it. If you’ve done something terrible,I may not be angry, but I have the unfortunate disposition of holding over your head for a long time coming, either out of humour, or spite. Believe me, I never get properly angry, but sadly I don’t seem to forget things easily either.

3): Silence Isn’t Golden

My killer trait, the one I hate the most, is that a lot of the time I’m too damn quiet. It annoys the hell out of me, but a lot of the time I won’t add to the conversation, even around really good friends. I don’t know if it’s shyness or I simply have nothing to add, but I swear  it’s not rudeness. I very much want to talk to you, I just… can’t.

So, that’s it. If you see me with any of these traits, please be a little empathetic. Or run. Most people choose the latter.