Day 23, Thursday: Things you’ve learned that school won’t teach you

School hasn’t taught me a valuable lesson: Writing, otherwise known as the career I’d like in my future. I know, ‘What about English class?’ I hear you cry. Of course that’s gonna help me, but when it comes to actually writing fiction, short stories, etc. it ‘s only gonna help you remember to use ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’. No, the only person who can help with your writing is you. So grab yourself from a parallel universe and get cracking.

…What, you can’t do that? Huh, could’ve sworn…

All weird misconceptions aside, there is really nothing you can learn in school about finding a style of writing that suits you, idea conception, or anything besides the basics of English writing. You may learn a bit about Shakespeare, but apart from reading Romeo and Juliet I learned nothing on on Shakespearean  literature. If you wanna be a writer, I would suggest going out and reading (I kid you not) EVERYTHING. The worst Dan Brown novel you can find, the back of a cereal box, anything you can get your hands on will teach you. A successful writer reads religiously, so go out there, get a mug of coffee, find a warm  fireplace, a large stack of books, and get studying.