Dear Saul,

I haven’t forgotten about you, despite Blog Every Day in May. You’re still the centerpiece of the blog (don’t let it go to your head). And I’ll be honest, I’ve been procrastinating a lot making these posts, with no real excuse to back it up. I’ve mentioned before that I have some serious procrastination problems, so it’s nothing new, but I still feel guilty.

It’s kinda hard to understand why we procrastinate. I adore writing, that’s why I started up this blog. The idea that I put off doing something I love is strange. I put off doing work, obviously. Maybe I see this as work. There is a saying ‘Never find your dream job, you’ll never treat it as anything else other than work’. If I see this as work, chances are I won’t put in the effort. But believe me, I enjoy doing this. This isn’t a job, maybe I don’t have any reason to do this, no incentive, but it’s not work for me, so I shouldn’t feel so lazy doing it.

One things for sure though. I may slow down, but I ain’t stopping.