Day 7, Tuesday: The thing(s) you’re most afraid of

I don’t scare easily from horror films, so I don’t know how well I scare to other things. I’m kinda scared by wasps and bees, but other than that, I don”t really have any physical fears. The thing I’m most afraid of though is of letting someone down.

To explain, I’m not usually a nasty guy. I enjoy talking to people, helping them. If someone asks something of me, I’m more than happy to go out of my way to help ’em. But I’m terrified of not being able to do what they ask me to. I panic near deadlines, and if I were to miss one, I’d kinda break down. Even if they play it off, or if they genuinely don’t mind, I feel awful for failing them. I suppose it’s natural to be afraid of this, but it just kills me to leave someone dissapointed