Day 5, Sunday: Publicly profess your love and devotion for one of your blogger friends.

I’m lucky to have a ton of talented blogging friends, so this isn’t easy talking about only one. I have an entire page dedicate to talented friends, but I’d like to mention Catherine-Ann Minnock from 2013, unlucky for some as one of my favourite blogs, and a good friend of mine.

Catherine and I met were introduced to each other by Brook at a local Youth Theatre performance back in April, and since there aren’t really any other writers around that we know of, we’ve been close friends since. Her blog is really well written, focusing on school life, cooking and ‘good auld’ Irish teenage problems. She’s incredibly funny and  talented, and though I’ve known her for only a short time, but she really has made an impression on me. I would strongly recommend her work to you.

I’m pretty cool too, by the way. Not that this post is meant to be about me, but, y’know…

All joking aside, she is a wonderful person to talk to. Go be nice,check out her blog and say hi to her. She deserves it.