Day 3, Friday: Things that make you uncomfortable

*Shudder* Awwww, do we have to? I’m fidgeting just thinking about it…

So, I have a few fears, stuff that make just a little bit nervous. I’m a teenager and I’m awkward, and those two things don’t go together so well. Being in large crowds, such as a crowded bus, kinda freaks me out, and I’ll know when I’m terrified when I start asking the question:

Am I breathing too loudly?’

And at this point I’ll probably just start breathing really loudly. I have no idea why this makes me feel so uncomfortable. My only guess is just being surrounded by total strangers is too much for my poor weak heart. My young, teenage, heart gets scared by the old lady asking to sit down next to me. It’s the eyes, I tells ya. She’s got the devil’s eyes…

Speaking of breathing, I’m pretty cool with it., it’s a handy skill to have. Not breathing? Not a huge fan, to be quite honest. I ave very mild asphyxiphobia, I can’t even really call it a phobia. But I still have a horrible nightmare on chocking on something or drowning, which to me, is a common fear. Everyone likes breathing, I just like breathing a lot more than not.

Lastly? Eh, well this one isn’t as bad. I hate sunburn. I don’t really notice it until it’s pointed out to me, but after that, it stings like crazy. It’s more the fact that I got sunburn in a country that isn’t usually very sunny that annoys me, but the whole sensation is just uncomfortable and irritating.

So, if you ever want to turn me into a shivering wreck, plop a plastic bag on me head in really sunny weather on a crowded subway. You’ll be satisfied with the results 😉