Day 2, Thursday: Educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at.

Alright lads and ladies, class is in session. Today, I’ll be educating you on the wonders and joys of… what exactly? I’ll be honest, I’ve never really tried teaching anything to anyone, as I’m pretty poor at explaining… well, anything. It’s a flaw, but today I say no more, you’ll shall learn something today, I swear it. I’m reasonably good at writing, but there’s so much to it. It would take a massive blog post.

How about a brain exercise in creativity I use in writing? It’s a fun little thing to do when you have a bit of time and either want to keep yourself amused or want to train yourself in building things up from scratch in your head. This is how I do it, so it may not work for everyone.

1). Pick five to those words ten words at random. They can be any words you want. Throw logic out the window on this one.

2). Next, create a sentence, paragraph, phrase, etc, including those words. Try having a small bit of logic for this one, but don’t let chronology or accuracy get to you. Make something funny, serious, random, whatever you want to be.

3). Now, characters, if your sentence or paragraph didn’t have any/enough. You can make as many characters as you want, but you may only describe them with one adjective. If you had adjectives in your chosen words already, you can’t use those ones, just to make things a little tougher 😉

4). Now, a location, if your sentence or paragraph didn’t have one. Pick a letter a random. Your location must start with that letter.

5). Finally, the tricky bit. See if you can create a decent 500 word minimum story out of the materials provided. By doing this, you’ve limited yourself with what you can work with in the story, but you have still created everything yourself. When you start getting good with this, I wonder how good you’d be when given free reign of what you can put in?

Welp, there’s the bell for recess. See you next class, and please don’t pretend you’re not chewing gum in my class. I can hear you from here. 🙂