Well, I need an excuse to do more on this blog, so goddammit I’m gonna do more! Presenting Blog Every Day in May, or as I like to call it, The May Day Blog Slog.

 It’s exactly what it sounds like. Every day in May, I’ll be writing an entry on Dear Saul. What will it entail you ask? Well, if you check this page out, it’ll tell you all you the subjects I’ll talk about each day. You’re more than welcome to join me in this little adventure, either by writing every day on your own blog, or just following my exploits. Rest assured, if you just read my usual stuff and nothing else, I will be keeping up to date with that, don’t you worry.

Honestly, I can’t wait. Not only will it be a ton of fun, and give you guys more content, but this is an exercise in relaxation. I have a lot of stuff to do, especially since May is my last month before the end of the school year. It’s important to take a moment out of your day to just… unwind. Some people listen to music, some people do yoga, I write. And write I shall.

Wish me luck,