Aw shit.

It’s happening again.

And this time it’s not my fault.

If you know what I’m talking about, I should probably check my restraining orders, because this happens to me and only me it seems. My earphones broke last week. No biggie, right? One side breaks, and you spend the next month or so moving the wire around to exactly the right spot so you can hear out of both sides, then the other one blows and it’s game over. Happens to everyone. Except in my case,  they never stopped feckin’ breaking. 2011 – 2012 will forever be known as the years I broke eleven pairs of earphones. ELEVEN PAIRS. I don’t even know how I got my grubby hands on eleven pairs of earphones, but I was cursed to never have a decent pair ever again. A deep depression washed over my broken and defeated frame, as I listed to songs by Nico Vega from one ear only…

…and then it stopped. I got a decent pair of headphones, took care of my remaining pair of earphones, and started afresh. The headphones I use to this day (my treasured pair of House of Marley’s) and my earphones lasted, well, until last week. R.I.P white unknown brand of earphones. This isn’t’ what concerned me.

What concerned me was, after finding spares, I broke two more pairs the next night.

Two, COUNT ‘EM TWO pairs of earphones in one night. Likely they were slightly damaged already, but nevertheless, the curse returns. and I, fearing for the safety of my property, cannot…


Okay, as I tried to find a suitable picture for this post, I searched for ‘earphones on fire’. My response?

taco phones

Don’t see it?

This is Google’s accurate representation of ‘earphones on fire’.

Well, that killed my story. On to the next. Hopefully that doesn’t contain what look to be tacos.

I got another nickname today, which brings my count up to 8.  Huh


-Fiacla (Irish for teeth in case you weren’t from around here)

-Figrolls (I quite liked this one)



-Fifi (Don’t ask)

-Johnston-Mush (Mush is an Irish thing, so it isn’t as offensive as it sounds 😉 )

and the latest one, Anderson, given to me by the lovely Brook from Everything and Anything to Love. I quite like it because I now believe myself to be Anderson from Mass Effect.  If I had a voice like that, hell, I could do whatever I damn well please. That guy sounded as good as Martin Sheen, and Martin Sheen played the bad guy. Bad guys always have the best voices.

I get to be this guy? Feck it, I can die happy now.

Along with the killer nickname, Brook and I have also compiled a To-Do list for over the summer, which includes:

-A writing club

-A Podcast



-A musical project

-Joining a zombie walk

-Butt-Numb-A-Thon Ireland (Yes, this is actually a thing)


Good lord, we have some work to do. I should get to work. I have a Butt-Numb-A-Thon to plan…