This is another story I wrote early on. More of a test in imagination than anything else. Any criticism is more than welcome. Enjoy:

Somewhere, there is a desert, stretching across an entire planet, sand a sunset orange. This planet revolves so slowly that days span decades. One side is constantly bathed in sunlight, the other in a freezing dark. It is unkempt and untouched, like a photo. If anyone were to see this place, they would call it beautiful. Others would call it hell But the geography of this landscape is irrelevant, though, as there is only one species living here that will ever see it in its entirety.


In this desert there are hundreds of colossal beasts that roam the area known as Brutes. Each is unique in their appearance, no two are alike. Various textures make up their skin, some extravagant in colour, with fur shades of colours we can only ever dream of seeing, some with skin of marble, without a single flaw or mark on their bodies.

Their behaviour, however, remains the same, and follows one simple path: walk. Brutes will never stop to feed (Brute’s have no reason to breathe either, which leads to most having no mouth), to graze, to mate (There is no record of a Brute’s reproduction cycle). They have no other purpose, other than to constantly travel, and to ensure it’s survival, however little danger the outside world poses. It could be argued that these creatures are not even sentient, merely autonomous life forms dedicated to these few purposes.

But no matter the case, the Brute does not only hold a responsibility for it’s survival. It also holds a more physical, load.

A race. An entire species, a society, fills every crevice of their being. These creatures, these living continent, are, in a way, more alive than any of us can hope to be. Like the Brutes, each civilisation is different, so I endeavor to focus on only one: The Konok, as its inhabitants, The Nopok, name it. They are notable for having the most thriving, most variable culture known to inhabit a Brute.

Like all civilisations, landscape dictates culture, as culture dictates personality. Each part of the beast has a landscape wildly different depending on which part it is, and with that, the attitude, shape and community of the people living there.

The Nopok that have chosen the torso as home are, obviously, the most numerous. They make up the majority of the species, and their type can be found almost everywhere within the Konok. They are the most average-built, as their community has no favoured profession, though their advancement technology wise should be compared to that of the first colonies in America, such as Jamestown, the natives being some of the less well off of the species. They are lean built, skin a cloudy grey. They have a less gifted hearing ability, due to being near so many of the Brute’s organs. Their hairline is short, almost receding in appearance, but apart from this, they are very humanesque. Their is very little change in build or look during a life cycle, with only the inner cells of their body dying, their skin and other extremities remaining the same. Because of this, a lot of effort is put into aesthetics. It is common for fashion to be extremely varied from week to week, due to the amount of focus put into beauty, both male, and female, a focus not seen in other types of Nopok. As such, being the most common, there is an overall air of superiority floating around the population. Racism and discrimination is not unheard of, with many a riot breaking out simply from members of other sub-types of Nopok. These people are the only of their kind who have a form of time based of off a day/night cycle. The Konok’s heart, for such a large creature, only beats very rarely, and will eclipse any light coming into the torso. As such, These Nopok base their days and nights off of the beat of the creatures heart.

Those that have the good fortune to inhabit the legs are built for endurance. Subject to some of the worst earthquakes in the Konok, they have evolved to survive impacts and shifting. Stocky, thick skinned and hairless, they have kicked and screamed in a struggle to let their society to survive, despite their falling numbers and lack of technology. Favouring craftsmanship and construction, housing is large and immoveable, usually focused around the best farmland and supplies. Houses usually included large amounts of people, to allow their population to thrive. As such, most of them are selfless towards there own, though they tend to shun those who leave them for a better life in the torso. Though mock for their backwards culture and discriminated, those Nopok from the legs our undoubtedly needed by others for their knowledge of building.

The Nopok of the arms, though only just reaching the technological age themselves, have long served as the custodians of the Konok. Scholars and scientists, their physical forms, although taller, are similar to those of the Nopok in the torso. However, their skin is a milky white, which has led to much racism along the borders and to those who choose to study in the torso. Their genetic code, however, has imprinted the knowledge of the Brute inner workings to them, leaving them as the only ones who can manage the health of The Brute, and its safety from disease and injury. This work leaves them precious little time for anything else, and most children are set to work during their earliest years, managing the Brute wherever possible. Despite this job, they are distant towards other subtypes, seeing them as obstructions to their duties, and are zealous in their persecution of those who interfere.

There are many areas which are, for the most part, uninhabitable. The lower torso is a mess of organs, and only the most unlucky soldiers and scientists are sent there to clear away infections or creatures away. Lower still is a cesspool of rubbish and centuries of garbage, a place (for obvious reason) is unsafe for colonisation. Closer to the heart, the more noise there is. Those who pick a bad time to come hear may be deafened by the beats, as if a bell tower had fallen on them. Finally, it is widely thought, though unknown if true, that the outside atmosphere is toxic to the anatomy of a Nopok.

Finally, there are those that live inside the head of the Brute.

Little is known about them, as the neck of the beast is sealed off, and patrolled by hired Nopok from other areas. Paid generously, they themselves are unaware of what lies beyond the wall. However, they are known to be the most technologically advanced of the species, due to the equipment guards are given at the wall.

However, rumours persist of a race of Nopok living outside this Brute. If one were to sneak through the cracks in the Brute’s skin (Guarded as well by the ‘Neck Soldiers’) then one might discover hanging cities built around the colossal body.

Cities, filled with mechanically gifted, very much not Nopok, very angry creatures.