Dear Saul,

It wasn’t until 11PM on Skype that I realised something about you name, when a brief moment of energy led someone to shout:

‘OMG, is ‘Dear Saul’ a pun on ‘Dear ‘Soul’?’

He’s right.

I… I can honestly say that I never thought of it that way, and had no intention of it ever being that way. Now that you’ve pointed it out to me, it seems so obvious a truck hitting it would probably be overlooked by everyone on-scene, including the driver. It seems I’ve accidentally given you one of the most perfect names a muse could ever be given, and I never realised. You being a muse, a bit of imagination given form, you are technically part of the soul, hence, I’m writing letters to a piece of me that’s been broken off to make something else. Only the observations of other people have lead to this amazing (I’m really starting to sound patronising now) discovery.

This does however lead to the inevitable question: Why did I choose to call you Saul? Well, Saul is a Hebrew name, meaning question. Given that you’re used for a lot of questions I have with my work, this seems kinda fitting, but it isn’t really why I chose the name. Saul was the Jewish name of Paul the Apostle, a figure from Christian liturgy. Watch me at work with my amazing religion studies knowledge.

Saul was originally a tax collector for the Roman authorities. Being part of a devout Jewish family from Tarsus, this made him… less than respected by his colleagues and the public, who saw him as a traitor to the Jews and an overall nasty man, who had a deep disdain for the newly formed Christian church. There are various accounts to this next part, but in a nutshell, Saul, while on the road to the city of Damascus, was visited by a resurrected Jesus, asking ‘Saul, why you gotta be like this, bruv?’

At this point in time, I might be ad-libbing slightly here. The real question asked was ‘Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?’. Jesus told Saul to go to Damascus to spread goodwill to the people. The event left Saul blinded for 3 days (A bit harsh to be honest) but eventually Saul recovered and converted to Christianity to do better things than take people’s money for their overlords. We don’t really know how or when he died (some think he was martyred) but they did find what appeared to be his coffin in 2009.

The whole point I’m getting with naming you Saul is change: Saul changed into someone completely different in an instant. He turned from this hate filled creature into someone who wanted to spread peace. I compared him to you, someone that can change in an instant, be whoever I need him to be to help in writing, blogging, or everyday life. You are fluid, flexible, and you are probably one of my most useful creations.

That’s the story of your name. Don’t let it go o your head,