First off, I wouldn’t recommend University College Dublin food, the lasagne seems a bit… Congealed.  Lasagne shouldn’t congeal, I’m pretty sure about that…

Other than that I can’t really complain. UCD was a great choice for work experience and the chance to go there was incredibly lucky. I doubt you’d want to here the details of using a mass spectrometer with argon gas or examining thin-sections of granite for k-feldspar and quartz under an S.E.M… Or maybe you do, I don’t really know my audience, but other than that all I can say is it was amazing. And I got a week off of school to go to a slightly bigger school that had great people but bad lasagne.

All in all, a fun week.

Apart from G.I Joe: Retaliation, which was utter bollocks. And that’s being generous. Bollocks have purpose, this only seemed to further Christopher Eccleston’s career as ‘man in cryotube.’ which was a long way from what he was in ‘Rise of Cobra’. Come to think of it, that probably wasn’t even Christopher Eccleston. I guess his ‘man in cryotube’ career ends before it can even begin.

I don’t wanna review that thing, this isn’t really a review blog, though I’ll give some thoughts:

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Stop. Just stop. You’re not an actor, you got put in a movie with Bruce Willis, who just came here to show you up with his Tooth Fairy was bad enough, and you have enough sense to tell when something is gone sour. Please, go back to wrestling. Fast & Furious will survive without you. You can’t Tokyo drift anyway, not if you started wrestling looking like this:

Yes, this was a thing.

Also (SPOILERS) you can’t kill off Channing Tatum,  in the first 15 minutes.(END SPOILERS) He’s Duke from G.I Joe. He’s also the stripper from Magic Mike.

And a actual former stripper, much to my chagrin.

I didn’t actually know this until recently. But when I did, considering that Mr. Tatum plays Duke from G.I Joe I find the whole thing unbearable funny. Let’s just say I had high hopes for this film, and they just didn’t appear. Much like Christopher Eccleston.

You know what did appear? A new series here. Every so often I plan on releasing short stories by me or guest writers. If you wanna see more, please let me know down in the comments.

That’s pretty much all. Work has been tiring, not helped by lasagne. Not at all.