Dear Saul,

You may have noticed, My posts aren’t exactly very long. They very rarely make it past 300 words, much less sometimes. I know I write short stories, keyword here being short, but I suppose you’d expect a blog to be filled to the brim with stuff, chock full of opinions, columns, and 2000 word letters. Lots and lots of words, at the very least.

Alas, I must disappoint, there aren’t many of those here. 2000 word letters I mean, not words. We’ve got a few words around here. But not many. Now, I’m sorry if you prefer longer letters that you can delve into for ages, but I tend. It to do that, At least not with my journalistic writings, which thes kinda are. They’re letters to you, but at the same time they’re pockets of information. And I don’t want to bog you down with lore and unnecessary information. This blog might teach a thing or two, but I don’t want people to overload on trying to learn a thing or eight all in one sentence.

This reflects on my work as a fiction writer as well, to a degree. I like to keep the plot focused on the details at hand. I love lore and background, but there’s a time and place in the book for it. A good action or tense scene needs to be focused and brief, so as to avoid ruining the suspension of disbelief in the readers. That’s not to say this is the right way to do things, but it helps when I’m trying to avoid dragging out a scene, or focusing on a single event.

So that might be why I expect my posts to be short. That, or I’m a lazy git.

Warm wishes from Dublin!