Dear Saul,

Feeling old? Are your joints creaking? Do you sigh in relief every time you sit down? Are you complaining that those darn kids are playing that there new hippie music too loud? You should be, because you’ve been around for nearly year at this point. I needed a muse, I thought you up, an you stuck. 6 months later, I dedicate a blog to writing letters to you (granted, I threw the blog’s schedule out the window, but still). You’ve been through much, and you are invaluable. And dangerously close to becoming an imaginary friend, I fear.

And even so, you’re only a year old. I feel old just typing to you, and I can’t even drink alcohol yet. Makes me think why I started this blog. It had been on a whim more than anything, though I don’t really regret starting it. It’s been a fun little exercise in writing, and I’d like to say it’s improved. School and Gaisce have impeded progress, but it’s still going. This blog isn’t likely to disappear any time soon, nor would I want it to.

So, while you may complain about your sore back or their loud music, remember your age, and know that you’re gonna probably get older, Saul.