Dear Saul,

I am a night owl. The type of guy who can work into the early hours of the morning, but who hates it when the alarm clock has its hand on any number lower than 12. It’s a weird habit, mainly brought on by my (constantly mentioned) procrastination, and my love for lie-ins. So much of a lie-in fan I go to the zoo every day to see them.

Lie-in, lion, geddit?

That might’ve been a bit off track, but anyway…

This, surprisingly, has little effect on my work. If I felt tired, I would sleep. If I have the opportunity to work at night fully awake, I’ll take it. Besides, it helps tire you out for a good nights rest.

The previously mentioned downside to this is one of the worst. If you have a productive night, chances are you’ll have no productive morning. And sleeping too much carries the same risks as lack of sleep on your heart, but given my age and fitness levels, I shouldn’t be too worried about that.

But I really have a choice don’t I. Good nights rest productive next day, or late night work, sleep in mornings?

Both would help this blog (I know I haven’t been posting as much!) but it always comes down to personal choice. If I’m getting enough sleep, and there are no psychological effects noticeable (barring the bad habits) I suppose, Saul, why not?