Dear Saul,

I am, as many are well aware, rubbish with time and schedules. Ask me to get something done, I will have it done when you need it, but I have so many issues that make this a tiring problem.

1- I have said before that I am a massive procrastinator. If something doesn’t have to be done now, it won’t be done. I’m not lazy, just… ummmm…
…opportunistic. In that I take the opportunities to not work…

2- I can’t keep timetables. At all. Whether it be for studying or homework, I can’t plan to save my life. I can be very spur of the moments with plans, and they oft change. Did you know that this blog went through 5 different incarnations before I settled on you as the theme?

3- I’m subject to second guess myself. Things can be crumpled up and thrown in the bin by me without batting an eyelid, but I’ll eventually worry that got rid of something good, or that my next idea isn’t suitable either.

And these problems are devious little critters that work in tandem to ruin the creative process for me in every way possible. When I do finish something, I am exhausted.

So, Saul, things need to change. If they don’t, I’ll end up a wreck by the time I get to important exams. I’ll keep working on ways to solve this. Perhaps If anyone has any ideas, they’ll let me know!

Tired Regards,