Casual Fridays, the blog posts I only rarely actually post on a Friday. Or any day. Ergo, I don’t really post… at all, to be honest.

Well, insomnia’s really crap, isn’t it? Unfortunately, it seems that no amount of loud alarms can wake me up before 12, which is sort of unfair, given that I want to work during the mornings. But until I can solve this sudden crisis of sleep, I am forever cursed to never wake with any hint of cheer in me.

Myself, Circa 7:00 AM
Something else that seems to be suffering is my typing, which, apart from being it’s woefully slow self, has become quite lazy. This has led to my grammar and spelling falling, not badly, just enough that I’ve caught myself with cheap mistakes (it’s you’re, not your, moron…). Problem is, I’m not a major grammar fanatic. Unless I’m writing something important, I probably won’t care enough to fix it. I imagine, in my sleep deprived state, I just can’t be arsed. Too busy dealing with the hallucinations.
I might be exaggerating this whole insomnia ordeal.
What I won’t exaggerate is how entertaining Cyanide Studio’s Blood Bowl is.
Imagine it as a turn based, chance based game of American football.
Set in the world of Warhammer Fantasy.
So American football with orcs, and lizardmen. And halflings, but no one really cares about them.
If you’re a bit on the geeky side (which, since you’re here, I assume you are) then you’ll love it.
And with that shameless advertising, I’ll see you next week, provided I can keep my eyes open long enough.