Dear Saul,

Break over, back to work. -grumble-

I have too much stuff to do, surprisingly enough. This makes writing particularly hard, considering anything I look at now turns into something else I want to do. Still though, progress is happening, just… slowly.

You may not realise it, but writers, to their credit, are amazingly good at endurance. The amount of focus they have to put in for a 4 or 5 hour stint of looking a page and continuously checking that every word has a place is mind boggling.

For a person like me, who is distracted by the smallest of things, this does not bode w… oh what’s that over there?

So, tips on getting more focused? I have compiled a few, with some help from you, Saul:

1) No coffee shops:
Yes, I’m sorry, but you can’t just go down to the local pub, coffee shop, or bar with a laptop and expect magic to happen. For one thing, there’s waaaay too much noise. How are you supposed to work when there are a million different things going on in front of you? For another, you’re probably gonna want to, as an easily distracted human, buy something, such as a coffee, or a book from the shop down the road. It’s easier to to refuse yourself these things at home than at a shop, due to the fact that in a pub or shop, everyone else will probably have one. Also, coffee, while keeping you awake, ruins your focus, and all you’ll want to do will be to go for a run. Speaking of which:

2) Exercise, you lazy bastard:

Yes, being a writer is not an excuse to stay in all day. You need fresh air. Take an hour or 2 to go outside. Do something, anything, outside. You’ll be amazed at how much more focused you’ll feel just from being out in the air. Just don’t push yourself too much, or you’ll be tempted to take a nap, and never touch the pen and paper.

Finally, 3) Stop using your computer:

Heresy, I know. But think of it this way: How much do your eyes hurt right now? If you say some, you probably need to stop looking at your screen. Not only is it a major distraction to have the option to use the internet, but you will feel wrecked after writing using a computer for long enough. Use paper every once in a while, then transcribe it to your laptop later. Your eyes, and your readers, will thank you for it.

Well, that’s a few. I have other, smaller tips (music doesn’t help a lot, junk food is bad, brush your teeth after meals, blah blah blah) but those 3 are some of the most important. Follow those tips, and maybe you be able to focus a lit- Oh look at that thing over there!