Some people don’t enjoy letters to imaginary people. Some people *cough -me- cough* don’t want to work on a Friday because they have stuff to do tomorrow. So, I suppose I should do something…casual…or something like…that.

Well let’s not talk about my being on a debating team for a day, going up against the real school debating team. Made up of older, more intelligent-yet-not-as-handsome 17 year olds.

Who thought that would be a good idea.

Why would anyone consider that a *good* idea.

Needless to say, we had are arses served to us on a silver platter, me being the main frickin’ course. Not quite the Friday I was hoping for, but then again, It got better once I was reminded that this was the first ever photo of me on Facebook, back in 2011:


Ahhhhh, good times.

That’s me on the far left, the one who looks like Moe Howard risen from the dead, standing in Phoenix park in Ireland with maybe 8,000 other ‘zombies’ for an annual charity walk through Dublin city. Fun when you go with the recently revived Mr. Darcy, a truck driver zombie, and what I’m assuming is the woman he just killed. I don’t know how this always cheers me up, but seriously, look at the happy little head on me:


Total Euphoria, that’s what that is.

Zombie walks are always a great place to meet people and just have fun. They’re all over the world, so do something for charity and bring your friends to one.

Or, stop by the equally amazing (currently with less zombies, unfortunately) blog Geekround, run by my pal Emma and her friend Jukes. Filled with webcomics, cool projects, and a healthy obsession to Thorin Oakenshield. Find a better blog. I dare ye.

Okay, I think that’s enough casual to keep you busy for a while. See you next week.