Dear Saul,

You may have realised, as a muse, that I haven’t used you as of recently.

Well, that’s because I went and sulked for a week or so. Childish, I know, but still, I feel slightly better.

Can’t really end the post there can I? You probably want to know why I started sulking. Let me tell you, I am, currently, crap at writing. Fiction at least. Maybe my informative writing isn’t so bad, but when you start feeling insecure and start reading ‘On Writing Horror Fiction…’ well, something’s up.

But then, sulking was probably the most counter-productive thing to do at the time. What, did I think by not writing I’d actually get better? Come on, Saul, it’s like the stupid truck left town without me.

I’m pretty sure I won’t be needing you help on this one. It’s like Ray Bradbury says:

Quantity produces quality. If you only write a few things, you’re doomed”.

“If you only write a few things”.

That’s the part there that gets me back up after a tough session. Everything I write has a purpose, even if only practice. Why should I stop because things are bleak? That’s what writing is. Not stopping. Perseverance. Because if I stop today, I can’t get better tomorrow.

Even starting a blog, which may, ultimately be doomed to failure, will be a learning experience. If I can except the fact that I will never run a marathon if I don’t learn to walk first, and persevere, then perhaps, hopefully, I can say to myself at my lowest;

“One more page”.



On an unrelated note, I find this blog to be a bit… serious. Perhaps I should take a day of the week to make a ‘kick back and relax’ sorta post. Something entertaining for ye, rather than my one-sided conversation 24-7 🙂