Dear Saul,

As much as it may surprise you, I don’t always talk about things as seriously as I do to you. Tumblr and people who know me will probably prove that I’m not exactly the type of person who takes things very seriously. Admittedly, this may be why I write all these letters to you, most likely I need a place of some sort where I can be less giddy.

The truth is, I really enjoy being funny. This isn’t some sort of egotistical speech on how I enjoy being the center of attention, or how I like being that guy in the group. I enjoy being funny mostly for the fact that other people enjoy me being funny. If I’ve made someone smile or chuckle today, I’ve made a small improvement to their day. No matter how insignificant it is, I’ve made them feel good, which is where we get the phrase ‘Laughter is the best medicine’. There is always a point where enough is enough, but for the most part, people like having someone around who can supply some lightheartedness .

I will say though, it’s always nice to get away for a while and be…

…well, for lack of a better term, more boring. 🙂  And writing this blog, and writing stories and all the artwork I do is a great way to get away and make myself feel a little happier. And hey, maybe my stories and art might make other people happy as well. An added bonus I suppose. Maybe there’s no reason to write, maybe it’s foolish of me to babble on in these letters o’ mine.

But I suppose if I’m still listening, I should keep going, purely for self-satisfaction.