Dear Saul,

Holidays are pretty much over at this point, all that’s left is few days of relaxation before we get back in the daily rat race again.

But I’m always gladdened to see people take a breather when they get a holiday. No matter what lifestyle you live, no matter what job you have, people always change when given this small freedom. But it’s also interesting to see how people relax when given this freedom.

You see, I’ve always found the change difficult to understand. Sure, it’s great to see someone let their hair down on holiday, but how can someone, given time off, turn into such a drastically different person? It’s fascinating to see people, who work the same routine for years, become these new men and women overnight.

What’s even more strange to me, is that, at the end of it all, most of them will go back to their old routine, no questions asked, as if it never happened. Surely, once you let your hair down, you have to find it difficult to tie it back up in the exact same way.

On holidays you try new things. Didn’t like it? Fair enough. But if you did, what’s stopping you from making it a new part of your lifestyle?

Anyway, that’s enough outta me for now. Enjoy the rest of your holiday, Saul.