Hello there,

This is a blog about imaginary people.

If you haven’t already been turned off by that, then perhaps stay a bit, and hear me out.

Maybe I should introduce myself. I’m Fiachra, or Teeth, as some of my friends affectionately call me. Or, if your going by my slightly pretentious work name, F.M Johnston.

I have, admittedly, Too many hobbies. I write, I’m learning to play several instruments. I’m an artist, focusing a lot on murals and wall paintings. I’m hoping to take journalism courses in university. I am a sort of funny-man, I take drama classes, and, on slow days, amuse myself with voice acting and accents.

And I am god-awful at all of these things. They are hobbies, but all the same, things were pretty grim in the talent department.

So, being as introverted as can possibly be, I created Saul. Believe me when I say Saul was not created because I was desperately lonely, or needed an Imaginary friend to bring me into the world of extroverts and ‘popular’ teenagers. I’m all happy in the social aspects of my life.

No, what I needed was a person with no face, no personality, a blank canvas that could be changed in every aspect, to suit the needs of a certain situation. I needed opinion. And who better to give criticism then a person who knows exactly what you do, but with a constantly changing perspective.

Confused yet? Don’t worry, explanation is one of things I probably need to improve on. Essentially, when I have
made something, I usually ask ‘What would Saul think?’ and Saul, being whoever I needed him to be, be it a young, brash critique, or a wise old author, could give me feedback. I could have so many different opinions as possible, without needing to ask those people.

Again, how introverted can I get

So, when I finally decided to write a full blog, filled with blogger thoughts, I lacked a subject, an audience, and the brains to create a one sided conversation (and I call myself an author…). Well, Saul will help with all three.

This blog, is a regular blog. Just me, talking.

But here, I have someone to talk to.

This might be fun.